Export Growth Plan to help businesses

October 23rd, 2020
A package of measures to help businesses in England build back better following the pandemic was recently announced by t... Read this article >>

Planning a new business?

October 20th, 2020
If you are starting to give serious consideration to setting up your own business one of the issues you will need to con... Read this article >>

New Freeports to complement post-Brexit trade

October 16th, 2020
The government has outlined new plans for Freeports to turbo-charge post-Brexit trade. Details have been released that a... Read this article >>

New rules for debt letters

October 15th, 2020
The letters borrowers receive from their lenders when they are seriously behind on repayments will be easier to understa... Read this article >>

Extension of the Job Support Scheme

October 13th, 2020
This extended support will be available to businesses across the UK that are required to close their premises due to cor... Read this article >>

Have you over-claimed for COVID related support grants?

October 8th, 2020
Readers who may have inadvertently over-claimed grants, the furlough scheme for example, should remedy the situation bef... Read this article >>

New measures to sort late payers

October 6th, 2020
New proposals have been outlined by government to ensure small businesses in the UK are paid on time. Currently £2... Read this article >>

Tax Diary October/November 2020

October 5th, 2020
1 October 2020 – Due date for Corporation Tax due for the year ended 31 December 2019. 19 October 2020 – PAY... Read this article >>

Smart Data laws on the way?

October 5th, 2020
Consumers and small businesses will benefit from better deals and savings through innovative services, thanks to new Sma... Read this article >>

Are you recording customers’ contact details?

October 5th, 2020
In a press release issued 10 September 2020, the Department for Health and Social Care has reminded affected businesses ... Read this article >>