Coping with inflation

June 30th, 2022
Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, of the Scottish government, made a number of suggestions to help households and businesse... Read this article >>

Concerns about Repayment Agents

June 28th, 2022
New measures to stop rip-off agents taking advantage of people by pocketing their tax repayments have been proposed by H... Read this article >>

Nothing to declare

June 23rd, 2022
Downsizing business operations is a perfectly acceptable response to economic pressures, and this may lead to an absence... Read this article >>

Proposed new deal for private renters

June 21st, 2022
The fairer private rented sector white paper published 16 June 2022, will ensure millions of families benefit from livin... Read this article >>

Seeing is believing?

June 16th, 2022
It is no longer certain that if you receive a letter, email, text or phone call – purporting to be the tax office ... Read this article >>

Will quarterly reporting lead to quarterly payments?

June 14th, 2022
Within a few years, many taxpayers that are presently required to file a tax return, and most businesses, will be requir... Read this article >>

Employing students in the summer holidays

June 13th, 2022
If you employ students to manage your staff needs over the summer break period, you will need to add them to your payrol... Read this article >>

Till fraud

June 9th, 2022
The scope of tax fraud seems to be taking on new forms according to a recent press release issued by HMRC. The latest at... Read this article >>

Stamp Duty refund fraud

June 7th, 2022
HMRC have noticed an increase in claims for Stamp Duty refunds that are incorrect In fact, new homeowners are being warn... Read this article >>

Tax Diary June/July 2022

June 6th, 2022
1 June 2022 – Due date for corporation tax due for the year ended 31 August 2021. 19 June 2022 – PAYE and NI... Read this article >>